Ranks (1.19)

Support the server and receive an awesome rank! 

Purchases for ranks are cumulative- If you purchase the Premium Trainer for $9.99, all other ranks will then display as $9.99 cheaper for future purchases.
Already have a rank and wanting to gift a rank? Simply enter their Minecraft username.

These packages are only valid on our 1.19 Cobblemon server

Premium Trainer
9.99 7.99 USD
Elite Trainer
19.99 15.99 USD
Epic Trainer
29.99 23.99 USD
Ultimate Trainer
49.99 39.99 USD
Master Trainer
74.99 59.99 USD
Legendary Trainer
99.99 79.99 USD
Mew Rank
249.99 199.99 USD
Arceus Rank
399.99 319.99 USD